How Is This Dutch Company Using a Harem to Sell Chocolate Milk?


The Dutch chocolate-milk manufacturer Chocomel has produced a new commercial that has gotten nearly 800k views on YouTube in the three weeks since it was posted. How has a commercial for a sweet dairy drink drawn that kind of attention? …
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Pakistan’s Sectarian Turn, by: Ahmed Humayun


As the Arab world descends into sectarian turmoil, with rival Sunni and Shi’i militias fighting on multiple fronts, a new battlefield is opening up in Pakistan. Although much of the Western attention has focused on clashes between the Pakistani military …
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Dissonances of the Arab Left, by: Hisham Bustani


To talk of the secular democratic leftist project in the Arab world is to talk of crisis – a crisis that is manifest in two ways. First, there is the fundamental question of whether such a project even exists in …
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Reza Aslan

How the Life of Jesus Became Embellished Into a New Religion Based on Fables

By Mark Karlin, Truthout | Interview

Scholar Reza Aslan outlines how Jesus’ crucifixion and his Judaism reflect on who he was and how the Gospels were not meant to be read as a biography. The author of Zealot also says many people misinterpret the phrase “Son …
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Genealogies of Religion, Twenty Years On: An Interview with Talal Asad

Craig Martin: Last fall, realizing that 2013 marked the twentieth anniversary of Talal Asad’s Genealogies of Religion: Discipline and Reasons of Power in Christianity and Islam, I interviewed Talal Asad—Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at The City University of New York—on …
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2012-stuart hall003

Rage Against the Dying of a Light: Stuart Hall (1932-2014)

By Lawrence Grossberg, Truthout

It is difficult for me to write a farewell to Stuart Hall, my teacher, mentor, interlocutor and friend. He has been the most significant intellectual and political figure in my life for 45 years, and yet, in celebrating and mourning …
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Is Putin Going to Postpone the Inevitable? by Reza Parchizadeh

In the mid-1980s, the last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, introduced two key terms that became the staples of his domestic policy and later turned into the defining concepts of the Soviet history during that particular era. Those …
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2013- veteran..

From the State of Control to a Praxis of Destituent Power

By Giorgio Agamben On February 4, 2014

Faced with absolute state control and the rapid eradication of political society, only a theory and praxis of destituent power can reclaim democracy. A reflection on the destiny of democracy today here in Athens is in some way disturbing, because …
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Leading cultural theorist Stuart Hall dies aged 82

The influential sociologist, founding editor of the New Left Review and godfather of cultural studies leaves behind a powerful intellectual legacy.       In this video, from BBC Newsnight, he explains what he believed in his own words. …
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