Jihadism: A Generational and Nihilist Revolt

By: Olivier Roy

olivier roy book002

Jihadism as Nihilist Revolt The destruction of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq will change nothing about the uninterrupted radicalization of the French youth since the 1990s. Whether these youth were already Muslim or recent converts, this radicalism has …
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Slavoj Žižek on Brexit, the crisis of the Left, and the future of Europe



The Slovenian philosopher tells Benjamin Ramm that the survival of the European project is too important to be left to a referendum.     Slavoj Žižek is animated about Brexit. “You know, popular opinion is not always right”, he insists. …
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Five Book Plan: Islamophobia

By: Deepa Kumar


For our latest Five Book Plan — posted in conjunction with the publication of Edwy Plenel’s For the Muslims — we invited Deepa Kumar, author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire, to contribute a list of her top five …
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A Time of Disruption

By: Cédric Durand

25 June 2016     So the time of disruption has come. Against the backdrop of economic disaster, bureaucratic arrogance and a contemptuous lack of concern for social questions, the appeal of the European project has constantly weakened over recent …
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book Asef Bayat turkish

Five Years After the Arab Uprisings: An Interview with Asef Bayat

By: by Özgür Gökmen

This interview was conducted on the occasion of the publication of the Turkish editions of Asef Bayat’s Making Islam Democratic and Life as Politics (Stanford University Press, 2007 and 2013 respectively), and originally appeared in Cumhuriyet Kitap 1366 (21 April …
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Palestine through the lens of Frantz Fanon (part 1)

By: Nick Rodrigo

Part 1: Why Fanon? The indispensability of thought and the urgency of action Palestine is in the throes of revolt. It started with protests and demonstrations at the presence of Israeli “Temple Mount” activists (and their political benefactors) at the …
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Zygmunt Bauman2016

The Migration Panic And Its (Mis)Uses

By: Zygmunt Bauman

TV news, newspaper headlines, political speeches and tweets used to deliver foci and outlets for public anxieties and fears are currently overflowing with references to the “migration crisis” – ostensibly overwhelming Europe and portending the collapse and demise of the …
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Book Review Word Cloud as a Concept

The Racist Dawn of Capitalism

Unearthing the economy of bondage
By: Peter James Hudson

Books & Ideas Empire of Cotton: A Global History Sven Beckert Vintage, $17.95 (paper) The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism Edward E. Baptist Basic Books, $35 (cloth) River of Dark Dreams: Slavery and …
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The Day Tehran Shook

By: Farideh Farhi

Speaking to a journalist days after the February 26 elections in Iran, leading reformist Mohammad Reza Aref stated, “When I saw the results for Tehran coming in, I was shocked.” [1] Aref had expected the top of the list he …
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