The Holocaust, Palestine and the Arab World: Gilbert Achcar interviewed (January 2011)

By: Arwa Aburawa

2014-Gilbert Achcar002

In his latest book The Arabs and the Holocaust, Gilbert Achcar, a professor of Development Studies at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, explores the Arab world’s complex and sometimes contradictory relationship with the Holocaust. Focusing …
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Broken Eggs, But No Omelet

All austerity has wrought in Europe is a messy kitchen


After the electoral triumph of the anti-immigrant Eurosceptic parties in France and the United Kingdom in May, many liberals expressed their shock and worry. However, there was something of a feigned naiveté in their indignation and wonder at the Right …
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The tragedy of the Europeans

A civilisation that used to lead the world is in ruins – and only the locals can rebuild it
By: Zihni Özdil

2014.Zihni O

 Inspired by the totally not simplistic, not over-generalizing and not bizarrely orientalist The Economist article on ‘the tragedy of the Arabs’, I have written an article about the tragedy of the Europeans. After all, as the distinguished The Economist teaches …
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2014-giorgio Agamben002

Thought is the courage of hopelessness: an interview with philosopher Giorgio Agamben

By: Jordan Skinner

Giorgio Agamben’s philosophy ranges across disciplines, traditions, and topics in order to develop critical philosophical and political questions. Moving from religion, law, and language to capitalism, work, sovereignty, and the economic crash his thought sheds new light on the contemporary …
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2014-Nouri al Maliki002

How Nouri al-Maliki´s Policies are Dooming Iraq

By: Nabeel Khoury

After three years of bashing Sunni opponents and lending assistance to Iran and Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in Syria, , i Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki’s chickens have now come home to roost. Fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the …
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Vehicles drive past a flag of the al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, at the entrance to Raqqa

Could the Quds Force be behind the ISIS in Iraq?

By: Reza Parchizadeh

As the militias of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are inundating northwestern Iraq, ravaging the country and massacring the civilians, speculations pop up as to who might be behind this mess in Iraq. On the face of …
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2014- Middle east Cartoon001

A cartoon history of the Middle East starting in 1853

The purpose of this project was to display by way of a collection of drawings how the Anglo-American press cartooned and lampooned the chain of events within the region between 1853 to today. The Cartoonist do not draw for today. …
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2014- immanuel wallerstein002

The Sociologist Has Left the Building by Kevan Harris

“Here in Iran, Professor Wallerstein, you are a dangerous man.” So an adviser of President Hassan Rouhani counseled the 83-year old sociologist, and he was correct. It was March, and Immanuel Wallerstein had just arrived for a three-city lecture tour. …
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2014- post colonialism002

Postcolonial Thought’s Blind Alley, by Vivek Chibber.

After a long hiatus, we seem to be witnessing the re-emergence of a global resistance to capitalism, at least in its neoliberal guise, argues Vivek Chibber.

After a long hiatus, we seem to be witnessing the re-emergence of a global resistance to capitalism, at least in its neoliberal guise. It has been more than four decades since anti-capitalist movements exploded with such force on a global …
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