Byc: Joobin Bekhrad

2014-Untitled, 2009 (Rostam II Series), by Siamak Filizadeh. Courtesy of Aaran Gallery Tehran

In discourses revolving around Iran’s tumultuous history, particularly that of the last thousand years, a comparison has often been made between Iranian culture and the mythical phoenix. Following the decay and decline of the Sassanian Empire—heir to the legacy of …
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2014- Art the Palestinian revolution

When artists go to war: inside the PLO’s information department, by Nicholas Blincoe

The Palestinian Revolution was fought with posters and films as well as rocks and bullets. As a new exhibition opens, Nicholas Blincoe looks at the work of the PLO’s information department “I was 24 years old. We were in danger. …
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Robocop (2014) and Operation Freedom Tehran, by kara Abdolmaleki

There is a wee contradiction—most probably an error in theory—in the 2014 reanimation of Robocop that reverses the whole hero-villain dynamic of the film. At the onset, we are shown an American army of robots “securing” the streets in “Operation …
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The Documentary Film ”In the Bazaar of Sexes”

The phenomenon of temporary marriage in the Islamic Republic of Iran is explored in the documentary In the Bazaar of Sexes. The film’s female director, Sudabeh Morterzai, gives viewers a rare insight into a very complex society. Marian Brehmer watched …
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Multiculturalism in German Cinema

We Are Here and That Is How It Should Be!

In their films, German directors of Turkish descent no longer emphasise the feeling of being alienated and foreign, as was the case in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. There is now a trend towards a lighter and more optimistic approach …
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The Istanbul Biennial, A Missed Opportunity for Art

As the art biennial opens, the smell of violence once again lies in the air in Istanbul. Can a major exhibition respond to the language of the street and fulfil its promise of a free and modern society? By Catrin …
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Promethea Unbound: A Brief Note on The Patience Stone by Atiq Rahimi

" The Patience Stone raises as its central theme female’s self-realization and emancipation." A review by Rasoul Aliakbari

The Patience Stone (2012) by the Afghan-born, French-based director, Atiq Rahimi, is his second attempt at screening his own novels after his Earth and Ashes in 2004. Based on his novel under the same title (2008), The Patience Stone raises …
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2013-abbas marofi002

The Invisible Wall Between Peoples, A Plea for Culture Instead of Confrontation

9/11 is just one event in a long series of clashes carried over like a hereditary affliction from one generation to the next. But the response to destruction is only ever fear and fresh destruction. As the television was broadcasting …
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2012-Khaled Fahmy

Why I Didn’t Go to Dubai, by Khaled Fahmy

When I received an invitation from David Wheeler to participate in the launch of Al Fanar, I was delighted.  I believed that the Arab World desperately needs an incisive look at the state of its institutions of higher education. I …
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