Etienne Balibar: Laïcité or identity?

Byc: Etienne Balibar / 31 August 2016


The controversial banning of the “Burkini” by several French municipalities last week – and it’s overturning by the state council – has once again brought the question of what laïcité actually means, and who it works for, in contemporary France. …
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2015. Hannah Arendt 002 stamps

“we don’t like to be called “refugees”

By: Stewart Motha

The Redundant Refugee “In the first place”, Hannah Arendt wrote in 1943, “we don’t like to be called “refugees”.1 She had escaped Germany, survived the French internment camp in Gurs, and was living in the United States. For Arendt, “there …
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Hamid Dabashi, Can Non-Europeans Think?

Hamid Dabashi, Can Non-Europeans Think? Chicago: University of Chicago Press and London: Zed Books, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book?     Hamid Dabashi (HD): This book is the most recent culmination of years of thinking about …
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Recalling anti-racism

Can the anti-racist struggle keep up with racism's capacity to reinvent itself again and again? Yes - we can "recall" anti-racism and adjust it.

Anti-racism as a current of thought and as a social movement has a long history. From the opposition to slavery to the anti-colonial struggles and until today, anti-racism has been and remains a vital and important current of thought and …
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2014- Étienne-Balibar 003

‘A racism without races’: An interview with Étienne Balibar By Clement Petitjean

Professor emeritus at the Université Paris X, the philosopher Étienne Balibar has made the question of racism and its new forms of expression an important theme of his political philosophy, notably in his critique of capitalism and of liberal society. …
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2012-stuart hall003

Rage Against the Dying of a Light: Stuart Hall (1932-2014)

By Lawrence Grossberg, Truthout

It is difficult for me to write a farewell to Stuart Hall, my teacher, mentor, interlocutor and friend. He has been the most significant intellectual and political figure in my life for 45 years, and yet, in celebrating and mourning …
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Leading cultural theorist Stuart Hall dies aged 82

The influential sociologist, founding editor of the New Left Review and godfather of cultural studies leaves behind a powerful intellectual legacy.       In this video, from BBC Newsnight, he explains what he believed in his own words. …
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2013-Media 002

The Dutch media monopoly kills journalism in the Netherlands: internet doesn’t help

Politics has marginalized the people with the crucial support of the media. By: Tabe Bergman

 We all grew up with the standard formula: journalism plays a crucial role in making western democracies work by providing citizens with the information that enables them to make informed judgments about urgent issues of general interest. Therefore, the fundamental …
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2013-Homi Bhabha

In Between Cultures

 BOMBAY—The demography of the new internationalism is the history of postcolonial migration, the narratives of cultural and political diaspora, the major social displacements of peasants and aboriginal communities, the poetics of exile, the grim prose of political and economic refugees. …
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