Bauman: History repeats itself. We are coming back to the small, tribal states.

We cannot see that the EU is not the cause of the injustices we face. Zygmunt Bauman discusses Brexit and the impact it has on the world.


  Helena Celestino: How do you explain the Brexit vote? What must Europe must to avoid losing more members states? Zygmunt Bauman: Starting from the second sub-question: let’s hope that the mess that the Brexit adventure has cast and will …
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Etienne Balibar: Laïcité or identity?

By: Etienne Balibar / 31 August 2016

The controversial banning of the “Burkini” by several French municipalities last week – and it’s overturning by the state council – has once again brought the question of what laïcité actually means, and who it works for, in contemporary France. …
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olivier roy book002

Jihadism: A Generational and Nihilist Revolt

By: Olivier Roy

Jihadism as Nihilist Revolt The destruction of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq will change nothing about the uninterrupted radicalization of the French youth since the 1990s. Whether these youth were already Muslim or recent converts, this radicalism has …
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A Time of Disruption

By: Cédric Durand

25 June 2016     So the time of disruption has come. Against the backdrop of economic disaster, bureaucratic arrogance and a contemptuous lack of concern for social questions, the appeal of the European project has constantly weakened over recent …
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Olivier Roy-grand-angle-djihadism

The Islamization of radicalism

By: Olivier Roy

Is France at war? Perhaps. But against whom or against what?     The Islamic State (IS) militant group did not send Syrians to carry out attacks in France to dissuade the French government from bombing them. The IS draws …
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jacques rancier

Jacques Rancière: The Front National’s useful idiots

By: Mike Watson

According to the philosopher Jacques Rancière, a number of so-called French ‘republican’ intellectuals have been opening the door to the Front National for some time now. In an interview with Éric Aeschimannm, Rancière shows how universalist values have been perverted …
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The Moslims are coming

Violence comes home: an interview with Arun Kundnani


ISIS’s recruits are not corrupted by ideology but by the end of ideology. More radicalisation, in the genuine sense of the word, is the solution, not the problem.
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Azadeh Kiyan002

Some Thoughts on November 13 and After

By: Azadeh Kian

My son and I were both so excited. It was my first time attending a soccer game at a stadium. And it was a momentous match, pitting the French national team against their counterparts from Germany. The Stade de France …
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2014- Étienne-Balibar 003

In war


In this nomadic, undefined, polymorphous, and unsymmetrical war, the populations on ‘both shores’ of the Mediterranean are taken hostage. And Europe has a nearly irreplaceable function. Yes, we are at war. Or rather, henceforth, we are all in war. We …
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