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Burning summers after the spring

At what point did the revolution in Egypt go off the rails? This was the question my friends and I spent most of our time discussing in smoke-filled rooms in Cairo in the years following the overthrow of President Hosni …
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Islamic State fills Middle East void – IS back in business

The so-called Islamic State (IS) — the jihadist movement also known as ISIL or ISIS and by the derogatory acronym Da’ish in Arabic — now controls much of northeast Syria and northwest Iraq (1). In a region beset with so …
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A cartoon history of the Middle East starting in 1853

The purpose of this project was to display by way of a collection of drawings how the Anglo-American press cartooned and lampooned the chain of events within the region between 1853 to today. The Cartoonist do not draw for today. …
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Torture and democracy: what now?! – Darius Rejali

Darius Rejali traces the development and application of one torture technique after another in the last century, and he reaches startling conclusions.
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