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Slavoj Žižek on Brexit, the crisis of the Left, and the future of Europe

The Slovenian philosopher tells Benjamin Ramm that the survival of the European project is too important to be left to a referendum.     Slavoj Žižek is animated about Brexit. “You know, popular opinion is not always right”, he insists. …
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Broken Eggs, But No Omelet

After the electoral triumph of the anti-immigrant Eurosceptic parties in France and the United Kingdom in May, many liberals expressed their shock and worry. However, there was something of a feigned naiveté in their indignation and wonder at the Right …
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Liberal multiculturalism masks an old barbarism with a human face

Across Europe, the politics of the far right is infecting us all with the need for a ‘reasonable’ anti-immigration policy The recent expulsion of Roma, or Gypsies, from France drew protests from all around Europe – from the liberal media …
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